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How to share your thoughts, opinions, and proposals:

We’re excited about your participation in this consultation for Belizeans living in the country and abroad. Express your thoughts, opinions and proposals on how we can guarantee that public funds in Belize are well invested and make your voice count.


Before you begin, please read the instructions below:


  1. Read the discussion manual or check out the web page to learn about the opinions of other fellow Belizeans.

  2. Complete the forms in this section: Participant profile and citizen proposals.

  3. This consultation is anonymous; no names or contact information are required.

  4. Once you complete and submit your responses, you will not be able to edit them. Please review your answers before submitting.

  5. Please keep a respectful tone so we can all have a constructive and enriching dialogue.

  6. If there’s any technical problem while filling out the form, please contact us at



Thanks for participating!  We’re looking forward to hearing from you and sharing your opinions and proposals. Together we’ll build a stronger and more prosperous Belize.


Thank you for being a part of Belize: Making Citizens Count.

                                                Are you ready?

Click here to access the form

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